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Closure of Non-Essential City Facilities

The following City facilities are temporarily closed and will tentatively re-open on Monday, April 6, 2020.  However, this situation is fluid and any re-opening dates are subject to change.  Please regularly check this page for updates.

Facilities closed:

  • Clark W. Redeker Newark Senior Center - 7401 Enterprise Drive
  • George M.. Silliman Community Activity Center - 6800 Mowry Avenue
  • Newark Community Center - 35501 Cedar Boulevard
  • Newark Library - 6300 Civic Terrace Avenue
  • Newark City Hall - 37101 Newark Boulevard
    • City Staff plans on providing limited functions relating building inspection, engineering, planning, business license, finance payments, and non-emergency police responses at some point in the future, potentially as early as Monday, March 23.  
    • City staff is drafting policies and procedures to limit person-to-person contact so as to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in a way that can also provide these services.  These procedures will be announced as soon as possible.
  • Building, Public Works, and Code Enforcement Inspections
    • At this time, the City of Newark is only conducting emergency building inspections that relate to health and safety
    • If you feel you have an emergency inspection need that relates to health and safety, please call the following numbers and a staff member will respond to you as soon as possible.
      • Building Inspection: (510) 578-4261 or (510) 578-4286
      • Public Works/Engineering: (510) 578-4589 or (510) 578-4286
      • Code Enforcement: (510) 578-4330 or (510) 578-4208
  • Police Response
    • Police & Fire protection will continue uninterrupted.  If you are experiencing an emergemcy, please dial 911.  For non-emergency police issues please call (510) 578-4237.
    • Our Pollice Department will continue to receive calls for service and will be prepared to address any needs for police service.  However, the following questions will be asked when responding to any call for service.
      • Have you or anyone you have contacted recently exhibited any flu or flu-like symptoms?
      • Have you or anyone you have contacted recently traveled outside the United States in the last 21 days?
    • The questions are being asked in order to provide for a safe response for our Police Officers and to prevent further spread COVID-19.
    • You should also be aware that Police officers contact hundreds of people on a daily basis.  All patrol vehicles are equipped with nitrile gloves, protective masks, and eye protection.  Police Officers are allowed to use these materials in their discretion.
    • Additionally, the Newark Police Department will utilize telephone reporting for documenting some property crimes and informational reports that do not require direct Police contact.