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Application for Permit Requiring Plans

Applying for a Permit Requiring Plans

Electronic Plan Check Submittals

The City of Newark is now accepting electronic plans and supporting documents for building permit review.  Please make read and follow the following directions.

Plans and Document Requirements

  • Complete Permit Application.
  • All documents must be uploaded as PDF.
  • Drawing sets need to include all sheets in one complete file (e.g. architectural, structural, etc.)
  • The title block of each sheet shall include a 3” x 3” space for the placement of the City’s approval stamp.  The space needs to be in the same location on each sheet.
  • Each document should be uploaded separately.  For example; if you are uploading plans, structural calculations and energy conservation forms, you will have three PDF files.
  • For the first review, use the following standards when naming documents:

                Property Address_Project Description_Document Type

                (For example; 123 Main Street_Tenant Improvement_Plans)

  • For a resubmittal, use the following standards when naming documents.

                Permit Number_Project Address_Document Type

                (For example; TI2020-0222_123 Main Street_Plans)

  • Resubmittals must include a plan check response letter.
  • Plans resubmitted for a second or third review must be complete and include all sheets in the full set of drawings.  Resubmitted plans that contain only those sheets that were revised will not be accepted.
  • All changes or revisions to the previous submitted plans shall be clouded.
  • If supporting documents such as structural calculations and Title 24 energy documents are modified from the previous submission they must also be resubmitted.

 Application Submittal

After reading the Plans and Document Requirements section above, if you are ready to submit your application please follow the link below to upload your documents.  Once your documents are uploaded, staff will contact you within 24 hours.  Staff will send you an invoice and payment instructions for the plan review deposit.  Deposit amount must be paid for the plans to be routed for review.  Please allow 24 hours prior to contacting our office.

Submit Application