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Community Preservation

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The City of Newark Community Preservation Division operates under the Community Development Department. The Community Preservation Division is comprised of two full-time Community Preservation Specialists who are responsible for enforcing the provisions of the Newark Municipal Code and various other related codes and policies. To meet this obligation we obtain compliance through intervention, education, and enforcement. We strive to partner with the Community in enforcing neighborhood property maintenance standards, as it is our goal to help maintain property values and create a healthy, aesthetically pleasing Community in which to live, work, and play.


At a minimum, the City needs the following information to investigate your complaint:

  • The location of the violation (street address)
  • A brief description of your complaint
  • Your name, address and a contact information where you can be reached

Your personal contact information will not be disclosed to anyone and will be kept confidential to the fullest extent allowed by law.

To report a violation concerning residential properties, please contact:

Ms. Patricia Montejano
Phone: (510) 578-4213

To report a violation concerning commercial properties, please contact:

Ms. Shama Khan
Phone: (510) 578-4285

Common Municipal Code Violations

Exterior Storage

Per the Newark Municipal Code (NMC) no portion of any required front yard or required street side yard shall be used for the parking, storage, construction, repair, maintenance or accumulation of vehicles, equipment, lumber, building materials, appliances, household goods, furniture, discarded items, trash, garbage, garbage receptacles, debris, trimmings from lawns, shrubbery or trees or any other objects not customarily and directly related to landscape treatment. In addition to detracting from the aesthetics of the neighborhood, this type of storage can be an attractive nuisance to children and may become a home to rodents and other vermin.

For information on how to dispose of large bulky items, contact Republic Services at (510) 657-1350..

Excessive and Uncontainerized Garbage

Chapter 8.08.050 of the NMC states that it is unlawful for the owner, tenant, lessee or occupant of any property within the City to maintain, or cause, or permit to be maintained thereon, any deposit, collection or accumulation of any animal, mineral or vegetable matter, refuse or substance offensive, injurious or dangerous to health. An accumulation is not only a violation, but it creates unpleasant odor and is a health hazard as it may attract flies, rodents, and other vermin.

The City of Newark contracts with for garbage and recycling services. Please contact Republic Services of Alameda County at (510) 657-1350.

Dry and Overgrown Weeds

Dry and overgrown weeds are a nuisance and safety hazard. In addition to creating visual blight, dry weeds create a hazardous condition increasing the risk of fire and create a habitat for rodents. Overgrown, seed bearing weeds spread weed seed through the air causing the proliferation of weeds throughout the neighborhood. Residents should regularly mow lawns and implement effective weed control by appropriate use of weed pre-emergent in other yard areas, to reduce the weed growth on both their property and other homes in the neighborhood.

Sign Violations

Temporary signs can be an integral component to the business community attracting customers to their stores. There are however, regulations in the NMC that regulate temporary advertising signs as it relates to type and duration of display. The City allows businesses to display a “Grand Opening” sign for no more than 30-days for the date the business begins operation. Temporary sales promotional window signs are also permitted. "Temporary" means less than thirty-one days, and "sales and promotional" means advertising certain items as featured for sale.

Abandoned Vehicles

Towing of inoperable vehicles is handled by the City of Newark Police Department. For information on vehicle towing, click here.