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Heller Manus Architects and their team of architects have begun the design process. Their team includes Safdie Rabines Architects, a San Diego based architectural firm that will be focusing their efforts on designing the new Newark library. McClaren, Wilson and Lawrie, Inc., an architectural firm that has designed over 200 public safety facilities, will be focusing on the new Newark Police Department building. Heller Manus is working on the overall site plan as well as City Hall.

All three firms are working on refining the programs for their respective buildings. The programming phase is the first step in the design process and consists of the architect organizing the customers space needs (including adjacencies), budget, all local code and zoning requirements and overall vision for the project. All three architects are asking both quantitative questions (i.e. how many staff does this department have?) and qualitative questions (i.e. how does this process work? do these offices need to have direct access for the public). They will use the combination of this information to assign square footages to each area and come up with a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional as well.

Safdie Rabines Architects met with City staff and representatives from Alameda County Library to gather additional programming information. They took tours of our current Newark library and two other Alameda County libraries. Safdie Rabines now has enough information to embark on the design of a building that will meet the needs of Newark residents and its visitors.

McClaren, Wilson & Lawrie, Inc. spent two days in Newark meeting with City staff and various police department personnel. They gathered information on the police department’s operational needs for the new building. McClaren was able to offer new and current suggestions based off of their experience with public safety buildings and are currently working on the next phase.

Heller Manus continues to meet with City staff regarding the site plan, programming of the City Hall building, and overall project.