Thank you to the Puente Club, from Newark Memorial High School, for cleaning up our parks!

Park volunteers made a great impact on the appearance of our City parks on two Saturdays this May. The Puente Club from Newark Memorial High School had over 20 students and staff participate in a park clean up on Saturday, May 13, at Byington Park, in Newark. They raked and cleaned up debris and then spread over 50 cubic yards of mulch to the planting beds in the park, helping to save water, reduce the use of herbicides, and add organic fertilization to the soil. Thank you Puente Club!!!

Over 45 volunteers from the Newark area helped clean up the 26 acre Lakeshore Park on Saturday, May 20. The volunteers did a variety of work including cleaning up the lake edge, raking and pruning ivy off of trees and shrubs, removing dead branches in the planter beds, picking up assorted garbage in the park, and spreading over 65 cubic yards of mulch around the lake edge. This important work could not be done without the help of the dedicated volunteers who help keep our parks in great condition. A big THANK YOU to all that helped!!!

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