Swim Lessons


The Newark Aquatic Program is an American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program with some additional enhancements to provide the highest quality of swim instruction available. We look at swim instruction as a necessary life skill and want to make swimming an enjoyable lifelong activity for you and your family.

Lessons are tailored to age and skill level. Remember not to compare your child’s progress with other swimmers as everyone learns at a different pace. First time children are tested on the first day and grouped according to skill level.

To make your lessons more enjoyable, please look at our helpful hints.

Swim Lesson 24 Hour Refund Policy

Customers have 24 hours from the time of registration in which to request a refund (all refunds have a $15.00 processing fee), or transfer (based on class availability) for swim lessons. After the 24 hour period, we will not honor any requests for class transfers, cancellations, refunds, or credits.

Check out the Swim Lessons scheduled in our Newark Recreation and Community Services Activities Guide.

Description of Lessons                                                  

Aquatot Swim Lessons    


6 months through 3 years

This interactive class is for parents and children. The instructor will lead the parents through a variety of skills to teach their child.
The parent is the primary instructor for their child and is required to be the water with the child in a swim suit. Children must wear a swim diaper under their suit. The class is designed to get the child comfortable in the water and to begin to work on entry-level skills. Upon successful completion for this class students will move one of the levels offered in the preschool swim lessons program depending upon student’s readiness. Instructor to student ratio is 1:10.

Preschool Swim Lessons                                    

3 years through 5 years

The Preschool Swim Lesson Program offers all swimming levels for children ages 3-5 years. Children work on water exploration and adjustment skills such as bubble blowing, putting face in the water, and floating with support, as well as advanced skills such as front crawl and back crawl. Instructor to student ratios range from 1:4 to 1:6 depending on the swim level.

Youth Swim Lessons

6 years through 13 years

The Youth Swim Lesson Program offers all swimming levels for children ages 6-13 years. Levels range from the first level in which student start to developing good attitudes and safe practice around the water all the way up to Level 5 where students learn to
refine all of their strokes. Instructor to student ratios range from 1:4 to 1:8, depending on swim level.

Adult/Teen Swim Lessons

13 years and older

This course is designed to help adults learn to swim in a more mature environment and at their own pace. Adult/Teens are split into 3 different levels based on their abilities, ranging from first time swimmers all the way up to those seeking to become fitness lap swimmers. Instructor to student ratio is 1:5.

Competitive Swimming

6 years through 13 years

This class is designed for those completing Youth Level 5 or age group swimmers who no longer have the swim team workouts. Class will focus on the 4 main competitive strokes in a structured swim workout environment. Participants must have completed Youth Level 5 or had previous swim team experience.

45-minute class. Instructor to student ratio is 1:10.

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

3 years to 13 years

Lower Ratios! Taught like a normal Preschool and Youth Group Swim Lesson, but classes will consist of less students per instructor. More individualized instruction for your $$BUCKS$$!!! Preschool instructor to student ratio is 1:2, Youth instructor to student ratio is 1:3.

Private Swim Lessons      

We realize sometimes you are looking for a one on one relationship with an instructor. These private swim lessons are designed to help identify and focus on areas of improvement in strokes. Every effort is made to have the same instructor for each of your sessions; however, we cannot guarantee it. Registration is available online or in person.