Swim Lessons

The Newark swim lesson program is an American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim provider and provides the highest quality of swim instruction available.  We look at swim instruction as a necessary life skill and want to make swimming an enjoyable lifelong activity for you and your family. Our lesson program is tailored to age and skill level. Children or participants who have previously been enrolled in our program will have their levels tracked and automatically be placed into the appropriate class and or level. Those who are returning after a break might need to be retested on their swimming abilities on the first day. However, our professional swim lesson managers will ensure that your lessons and first day are a pleasant experience!

Weekday classes are 25 minutes and Weekend classes are 40 minutes excluding Aquatot which is 25 minutes and privates which are 30 minutes in length.

For more information and or questions, please contact our Aquatic Coordinator.

Samantha Fallon, Aquatic Coordinator | Email: samantha.fallon@newark.org | Office: 510-578-4632

Swim Lesson Schedule:

To view our current swim lesson schedule, times, and prices, please follow the link below. 

 Newark Recreation and Community Services Activities Guide.

Registration Deadlines:

Registration deadlines are firm. We will not accept any registrations after the deadline has passed. It is best to register in advance to ensure your class is available.

Weekday Lessons: Day before at 12 noon

Saturday Lessons: Friday before at 12 noon

Sunday Lessons: Saturday before at 12 noon

Lesson Descriptions: 

Aquatot Lessons... Ages 6 months - 3 years

This interactive class is for parents and children. The instructor will lead the parents through a variety of skills to teach their child. The parent is the primary instructor for their child and is required to be in the water with the child in a swimsuit. Children must wear a swim diaper under their suit. The class is designed to get the child comfortable in the water and to begin to work on entry-level swim readiness skills. Upon successful completion or age advancement, the student will move into the preschool lesson program. Instructor to student ratio 1:10.

Competitive Swim Lessons... Ages 7-17 years

This course is designed for those who have completed the Youth Level 5, or age group swimmers who no longer have their swim team workouts. The class will focus on the four main competitive strokes in a structured swim workout environment. Classes are 45 minutes long. Instructor to student ratio 1:10

Adult/Teen Lessons... Ages 13+ years

This course is designed to help adults meet their swim lesson needs from beginner to advance and focusing on the individual requirements of each student. Classes are 40 minutes long. Instructor to student ratio 1:6

Semi-Private Preschool Lessons... Ages 3-5 years

Looking for more individualized instruction for your preschooler; then this may be the course for you. This course is taught like a regular preschool swim lesson but with fewer students per instructor. You get more individualized instruction with this class. Instructor to student ratio 1:2

Preschool Swim Lessons... Ages 3-5 years

This course offers all swimming levels for children ages 3-5 yrs. Children work on water exploration and adjustment skills such as bubble blowing, putting face in the water, and floating with support. They will progress to a more advanced skill such as front crawl and backstroke. Instructor to student ratio 1:4.

Youth Swim Lessons... Ages 6-12 years

This swim lesson program offers all swimming levels for your child. Levels range from the first level in which students start to develop good attitudes and safe practices around the water all the way
to Level 5; where students are swimming all the basic strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly). Instructor to Student ratio 1:8 depending upon the level.

Private Lessons... Ages 3+ years

1 on 1 individualized instruction for those looking for a more personalized approach. These lessons are completely focused on working on what you want to work on. Every effort is made to schedule the same instructor for each of your sessions; however, we cannot guarantee it. Registration is available online or in person. We will make every effort to fulfill your request, but due to the popularity of private lessons, they are on a first come first serve basis. Classes are 30 minutes long.

Swim Lesson Refund/Makeup Policy:

Due to the popularity of our program, we have a strict refund policy. You have 24 hours from the time of registration in which to request a refund (all refunds have a $15 processing fee). Or transfer to another time/session based on availability. After 24 hours, there are no refunds given. Transfers may be granted up to 3 business days before the session starting if there is space available. Transfers have a $15 processing fee.

Please note: There are no makeup classes, credits, refunds for any class missed due to accident, injury, illness, or personal scheduling conflicts. We do not accept doctor notes.

To request a refund or transfer within the above policy, please email Samantha Fallon, Aquatic Coordinator at samantha.fallon@newark.org