Aquatic Center Policies

Silliman Aquatic Center Pool Rules, Policies, Procedures

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For your safety and protection as well as operational regulations and function we have a variety of guidelines for guests. Utilize the following information so as to have an enjoyable experience with us.

Pool Rules:

  3. NO ALCOHOL allowed on the premises.
  4. An approved swim suit is required for all guests who enter the water!  No exceptions, the senior lifeguard will have final approval on swim attire.
  5. All non-swimmers and children who are wearing flotation devices must be accompanied by an adult in the water AT ALL TIMES.
  6. Babies or toddlers will not be allowed in the pool without the appropriate swim diapers.  NO DISPOSABLE DIAPERS, NOT DESIGNED FOR WATER APPLICATION, ARE ALLOWED IN THE POOL.
  7. Babies or toddlers will not be allowed in the pool without appropriate swim diapers.
  8. Birthday Parties must be held in a birthday room, no birthday parties, birthday cake, ice cream, gifts, balloons, etc are allowed without a birthday party room rental or group room rental.

For all pool rules including the Lap Pool, Spa Usage, Lazy River & Spash Down Pool, Activity Pool, please click here --- General Pool Rules

User Entrance Policy:

  1. With the exception of the café area, an admission fee is required for everyone to enter the facility. Daily drop-in fees or multi-use passes are available. Visitors registered in courses or programs at the Center, birthday party guests, and rental participants are not required to pay an admission fee.
  2. All guests must check in at the front desk. Only registered course participants and paying facility users are allowed into the facility. Parents may escort children to program area and wait in the lobby area.
  3. All pass holders must present their pass card at the front desk to enter facility and keep their card with them at all times.
  4. All facility users will have their hand stamped while in the facility and may be checked periodically by staff or asked for a receipt, which should be retained at all times while in the facility.
  5. Children under 3rd grade must be supervised at all times while in the facility.
  6. Access may be limited or disallowed to anyone who misuses the facility, behaves inappropriately, or breaks any policy/rule.
  7. No private coaching/teaching or utilization of the facility is allowed for personal or business monetary gain. Those parties interested in offering a program or class should submit a proposal to staff.
  8. No food which is the same or similar to the food offered by the cafe is allowed into the facility. Coolers or similar items may be subject to inspection by staff. Exceptions will be granted for individuals with food allergies and only single serving portions will be allowed.
  9. Birthday cakes and/or decorations are allowed only in event rooms which have been rented or reserved in advance.
  10. No glass or alcohol is to be brought into the Center.
  11. Seating is limited and on a first come first serve basis. Exceptions may be made for nursing mothers and individuals with special needs, and the elderly.

User age/grade Policy for drop-in use or pass usage

0 Years - 2nd grade: Must be with an adult at all times in the pool/facility.

3rd-5th grade: May be in the pool area/facility (wavier required) an adult 18+ must be on site at all times and can not leave the facility.

6th - 17 years: May be in the pool area/facility without an adult.

Anyone wearing a lifejacket must have an adult 18+ at all times in the water!

Release of Liability:

All of our programs and usage of the facility fall under the release of liability below.

Release of Liability:
I understand that my (or my minor child’s/ward’s) participation in any City activity is voluntary. Further, I understand that participation can be a hazardous activity. I agree that neither I, my successors, assigns, nor anyone acting on my behalf will hold the City of Newark, its officers, agents, employees, or volunteers liable for any injury, accident, or illness arising out of my (my minor child’s/ward’s) voluntary participation. I hereby release the City of Newark, its officers, agents, employees, or volunteers from and against any and all claims, cost liabilities, expenses, or judgments, including attorney’s fees and court costs arising from my (my minor child’s/ward’s) participation in the program/activity or any illness/injury resulting there from, and hereby agree to any and all such claims, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. I further understand that the City of Newark is not responsible for Workers Compensation benefits as a result of any injury or illness due to my (my minor child’s/ward’s) voluntary participation in this activity. The City of Newark reserves the right to photograph/video facilities, activities, and program participants for potential use in advertising/marketing purposes such as but not limited to brochures and the City’s web page without participant compensation. All advertising/marketing items will remain the property of the City of Newark.