Flooding and Sandbags

During heavy rains, the Maintenance Division staff is on storm patrol.  Crews circulate throughout the City cleaning storm drain inlets and removing any debris that could cause flooding conditions.  The goal is to keep the streets as safe as possible for the public during the inclement weather.

Flooding conditions should be reported to the Newark Maintenance Yard at 578-4806.

For Bay Area road conditions, call 511 or visit www.511.org. By dialing 511, you can get essential travel information.  This service offers information on public transportation, traffic, carpooling, vanpooling and bicycling.

For further information (click here) on the flood control channels and Alameda Creek's capacity, and rainfall intensity charts/statistics, contact the Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District in Hayward at (510) 670-5480.

Power Outage Information

Sandbagging Techniques



Where to get Sandbags

In the event that you feel your residence or business is threatened by flooding, the City has a stockpile of sand and sandbags available at:

Newark Maintenance Yard
37440 Filbert Street

After hours, empty sandbags are available at all three Newark Fire Stations. 

Each resident may be issued up to ten (10) bags to protect their doorways if flood warnings are issued or if flooding is occurring in Newark. Verification of residency and a signature will be required for issuance of the sandbags. Filling and handling of the sandbags will be the responsibility of the resident. For more information (click here).