The Building Maintenance section of the Newark Maintenance Division provides services to over thirty-five (35) buildings throughout the City. The Building section is currently staffed by three personnel, one Senior Building Mechanic and two Buildings Mechanic IIs.

The total square footage of the Building Maintenance section’s responsibility is over 229,000 square feet. This is equal to approximately fifty (50) average-sized homes in the City of Newark per employee.

The Building Maintenance section is responsible for all electrical repairs and upgrades, including park lighting, plumbing (including pool pumps and heaters), HVAC repairs and maintenance, locksmith repairs and service, elevators, fire/security alarms, carpentry, painting, and fire sprinkler/fire extinguisher service. The Building Maintenance section oversees several contracts including the contracts for janitorial services, roof repairs and occasional emergency water or sewage damage repairs.

In addition to maintaining City buildings, they also support other sections and departments with routine tasks such as inter-departmental moves and relocations. Special events support, including Newark Days, Music at the Grove, and other Recreation programs, are also part of the work performed by the Building Maintenance section.