Vehicle Abatement

Vehicle being cited.Vehicles that appear to be abandoned, non-operable, or not registered will be inspected, marked or towed, on public and private property.





A vehicle (auto, mobile home, RV, trailer, truck, etc) is considered to be abandoned when:

  • Parked, without being moved, over 72 hours on the public street
  • Inoperative, due to missing vehicle parts, and parked on the public street or private property; or inoperative (not legally operable on the roadway) parked on public or private property
  • A vehicle must be driven at least 1 mile every 72 hours to be in compliance

To report non-operable vehicles or other parking violations such as limited time parking, sleeping in a vehicle, commercial vehicles parked on a residential street, or handicap space violations, contact the Vehicle Abatement Officer at (510) 578-4538, or complete this form, or for more immediate issues the Newark Police Dispatch Center at (510) 578-4237.