Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is responsible for enforcement, coordination of Department-wide traffic enforcement initiatives and crash reduction through identification of high-crash intersections and causative violations.

Traffic Unit Goals and Objectives:

  • To encourage traffic safety through education, enforcement and coordinated activities with other agencies and entities.
  • To identify high traffic crash locations, analyze data and apply problem-solving mechanisms to resolve traffic problems.
  • To actively investigate citizen complaints and enforce appropriate traffic laws and regulations.
  • To aggressively pursue the investigation of illegal activities detected as a result of traffic stops.
  • To act as public speakers, instructors, or representatives of the Department through public appearances at special events, when requested.
  • To investigate hit and run traffic crashes.
  • To increase DUI enforcement efforts.



Securing our Most Precious Cargo

Although the National Child Passenger Safety Week campaign has ended for 2009 it reminds us of the importance of using child seats and seat belts all year long.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among children ages 2 to 14, due in large part to the nonuse or improper use of child seats and seat belts. Working with parents our goal is to ensure every child is properly secured and safe every trip, every time.


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