Police Canine (K-9) Units

Canine Officers Nick Mavrakis and Britain Jackman along with their canine partners Ares and Eliot receive several hundred hours of training each year in order to maintain peak proficiency in obedience, handler protection, and narcotics detection. Some of the Canine Unit's goals include searching for and apprehending criminal suspects, searching for criminal suspects and furthering community interaction.


Eliot Bohemia Bells has been with the Newark Police department since graduating from the K-9 Academy in November of 2010 with his partner Officer Britain Jackman. Eliot works in the Patrol Division with Officer Jackman. He was born in the Czech Republic on June 15, 2009. Eliot is a German Shepherd and his commands are given in German.

Canine Eliot says: "If you set goals, you will achieve them.  Because you can!'"



Ares Ramos Vom Poppenberg has been with the Newark Police Department since graduating from the K-9 Academy in November  2011. Ares was born in Germany on April 26, 2010 and works in the Patrol Division with his partner, Officer Nick Mavrakis.  Ares enjoys protecting the citizens of Newark.

Canine Ares says: "Make your parents proud, do the right thing, and pay attention in school, it makes life much easier later!"



Officer Pat Smith and K9 Henk, Sergeant Mike Carroll, Commander Donna Shearn, Officer Ray Hoppe and K9 Uras, Sergeant (retired) Al Lewis, and Officer Britain Jackman and K9 Eliot