Community Engagement

The Newark Police Department recognizes the importance of involving the public to help combat crime and increase the quality of life as well as police service in our community.  With that philosophy in mind, we look to increase our community partnerships while developing several new community-based ventures while rejuvenating our existing programs.

The Community Engagement Division is designed to provide an increased level of service while engaging the community.  This endeavor will increase efficiency by working with the people we serve.   The Community Engagement Division can assist you and your neighborhood with developing a Neighborhood Watch, RAVEN, crime prevention, and discuss with you other ways that you can assist your community. Click on the titles below for more information regarding Neighborhood Watch, Nixle, Grafitti Abatement and Vial of Life.

Click on titles below for more information


Business Watch Program

Modeled after Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch takes the “neighbors looking out for neighbors” concept to the commercial level, creating a partnership between business, law enforcement, and other organizations that represent business interests. The Business Watch philosophy is straightforward – take control of what happens in your business community and lessen your chances of becoming a victim.

Business Watches actively reduces and prevents crime through cooperation and education. Programs vary according to need: however, successful groups adhere to these fundamental steps:

  • Promote communication and understanding between law enforcement and business.
  • Encourage and enhance cooperation among merchants.
  • Teach merchants to crime-proof their properties, watch over neighboring businesses and document and report suspicious activity.
  • Develop a telephone tree and /or email distribution list to quickly disseminate information about area crime.
  • Develop signals to activate in adjacent businesses when someone needs help.

Program Benefits

Business Watch offers many other benefits, including opportunities to:

  • Network with other area businesses.
  • Foster a good working rapport with area law enforcement. 
  • Offer employee training and education. 
  • Garner publicity and community goodwill for your establishment.

Get Started

Contact the Newark Police Department Community Engagement Division Tim Jones at 510-578-4209, or Donna Shearn at 510-578-4379, to take the next steps!

Business Watch is sponsored the National Sheriff’s Association

Neighborhood Watch Program

A strong Neighborhood Watch is a proven deterrent to crime.
Some of the benefits are:

  • A greater sense of security, well-being and reduction of the fear of crime because you and your neighbors will look out for each other.
  • Reduced risk of being a victim of a crime. Statistics show that having a Neighborhood Watch program reduces the risk of your home being burglarized as well as decreases other types of crimes.
  • Better access to criminal activity information which will better prepare you in spotting criminal activity.
  • Displaying Neighborhood Watch signs and decals in your windows tells criminals that your house and neighborhood are not easy targets and that they are most likely being watched.
  • Convicted criminals have reported that they avoid neighborhoods that have Neighborhood Watch signs posted.
  • We have made the process to start a Neighborhood Watch a very easy and we have all the tools you need ready to go! And we will be here to help you form a successful Neighborhood Watch!
  • We have many community orientated projects under way, Map You Neighborhood for Disaster Preparedness, the Vial of Life Project, Community Policing to put more eyes and ears on the street and NIXLE. A FREE service that sends important up to date Police Activity to your Cell Phone, Facebook etc.

For more information please contact:
Tim Jones
Community Engagement / Newark Police Dept.
(510) 578-4209


Nixle - Community Information Service

Nixle logoThe Newark Police Department has launched a new Community Notification Service called “Nixle” to help improve communication with people who live, work, and visit our community. The system provides a quick, efficient, and secure way to get neighborhood-level information out to community members who subscribe to the system. Through, the department will be able to send text message (SMS) and e-mail alerts to subscribers. Notifications might be considered in the following instances:

  • A young child or adult with Alzheimer’s disease walks away from their home. The alert can include a picture of the child or vulnerable adult with a map identifying the area at which they were last seen.
  • A public safety emergency requires people to stay in or remain away from their homes. A Nixle alert can let residents with a registered address in the affected neighborhood know what’s happening, allowing residents to take a proactive role in their own safety.
  • A serious injury or fatal crash in which traffic investigators close down the intersection for several hours during the morning commute. This situation might warrant a notification to subscribers who live or work in the area, encouraging them to select a different route to work.
  • Other uses: Large-scale public works projects, traffic safety implications around large fire scenes, community events such as parades, fireworks, picnics, etc., details about a case of H1N1 (“swine flu”) in the area, city council meeting information, utility outage advisories/boil orders.

The information can be viewed at but for notifications individuals must register. To register, visit


Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti Abatement Volunteers are a group of dedicated Newark citizens who volunteer their time to combate the destructive influence and blight associated with graffiti in Newark. Volunteers work hand in hand with the Newark Police Department and are committed to removing blight and keeping Newark beautiful and virtually graffiti-free.

If you are interested in becoming a Graffiti Abatement Volunteer you must be:

  • over the age of 18,
  • interested in committing your time for the long term, and
  • submit to a criminal history background check.

To sign up contact - Tim Jones, or call him at (510) 578-4209

Help Newark by reporting graffiti:

Vial of Life

The Newark Police Department and the Alameda County Fire Department have partnered to support the free Vial of Life Program throughout the City of Newark. The Vial of Life is a small container that holds a Medical History Form. The information you provide is designed to help emergency responders with your immediate information in the event of a medical emergency. This has been accomplished by developing a standardized method for the storage and identification of vital medical information. In the event of an emergency, rescuers will see the alert stickers and recognize the presence of a vial of life. Because the Fire Department supports this program, they know exactly where to locate the vial. Once the vial is retrieved, lifesaving information may be obtained, even if the patient is unable to speak. The information contained inside the vial will identify the patient's current medical history, allergies and medications, as well as insurance information and who to contact in the event of an emergency. The Vial of Life Program is designed to speak for you when you are unable to speak for yourself. The information contained within the vial will provide pre-hospital and hospital providers with essential details that will aid in providing appropriate medical treatment. One vial can hold the information for each member of your household. Please indicate how many members are in your household when ordering. If you have any questions or wish to request a free Vial of Life package, please contact Tim Jones at the Newark Police Department, Community Engagement Division at (510) 578-4209 or via email at