Greater NewPark Master Plan

Greater NewPark Masterplan The purpose of the Greater NewPark Masterplan is to put in place a community-supported vision for an economically feasible transformation of the mall area that will support the ongoing mall renovation, catalyze and guide new investment, and serve as the framework for future implementing measures. The key elements of the Vision embodied in the Master Plan are:


  • The revitalization of the properties that surround the mall with Hotels, regional serving retail, and modern mixed use development; Improvements in infrastructure, particularly pedestrian and bicycle access and mall entrances.·
  • The potential creation of a “New Park Commons” a place for public events such as farmers markets, craft fairs, and concerts.·
  • The long term transformation of the Mall Loop Road into “NewPark Boulevard” a vibrant corridor marked by dynamic retail, jobs, and housing.

It is important to note that this document is intended as a long term vision- the buildings and roadways that are shown are illustrative and highly conceptual. They have not been proposed by the property owners nor received City approval. Before any such buildings were built, there would be further study, community input, as well as Planning Commission and City Council review. The Master Plan document would be used as a guide to evaluate future proposals to assure the orderly development of the Greater NewPark Mall and to guide its transformation into the premier shopping and entertainment district in the Tri-City area.