Old Town Study

Join us in the Old Town visioning study. The City, in collaboration with graduate students from Cal Poly State University of San Luis Obispo are holding a series of community meetings encouraging business owners and citizens to engage in discussion regarding the vision for the Old Town.  The purpose is to provide the community with tools to understand the characteristics of the area and visualize what options are available.  Specifically, participants will be asked what characteristics of the Old Town should be celebrated, and which areas need improvements relating to urban design, architecture, compatibility of residential & commercial uses and road/pedestrian designs that would attract residents of the community.  The overall process will last approximately 3 months or till about June 2017.  A formal study will be finished and made available for all to view on this City webpage.

Please take a moment to complete this survey.  This visioning exercise was first introduced to the Newark Community at a meeting at April 29th at City Hall. Participants indicated their top two preferences for each of the concept designs that follow. This exercise offers you the same opportunity to make your preferences known. Please restrict yourself to two choices per concept. There is an opportunity to provide comments after each selection. This input will help us to further refine the concept design visions for Old Town Newark. Thanks for participating!

Click here for the concept plans.

Complete survey here.

1st Community Meeting April 15th:

The first community meeting focused on reviewing the general existing conditions of the Target Area (see pg.3 of power point).  The presentation provided an overview of what General Plan goals, policies and actions are currently recommending.  The students also provided a summary of the area demographics, housing and economic characteristics.


       To view the presentation from the April 15 Community Meeting click here.           





2nd Community Meeting April 29th:


To view the presentation from the April 29 Community Meeting click here.