Preliminary Plan Review

Let us help you! Newark prides itself on rapid, responsive development services. We have established a Preliminary Plan Review (PPR) process to help meet this commitment. It is a simple process that involves submitting six site plans, floor plans, and elevations of your project which are then routed to all City divisions for comments and proposed conditions of approval.  In three to four weeks from the date you submit your plans, you will have a letter that describes what, if anything, you need to do to your plans to meet minimum code requirements, and a list of conditions of approval that staff will recommend to the Planning Commission and City Council. Included with this is a step-by-step description of the type of formal review, fees, and application requirements necessary to process your application. It's fast, simple, and eliminates any surprises down the line. Best of all, for all non-residential projects (with the exception of cell sites), this service is provided free of charge. To download a copy of the PPR submital requirements, click here.

To begin the PPR process call:

(510) 578-4215