Utility Users Tax

City Officials were relieved and thankful that Newark voters approved the passage of Measure U, Newark’s temporary fiscal emergency measure. By approving Measure U, voters agreed to a three and one-half percent (3.5%) utility users tax on utility services (electricity, natural gas, telephone/cell phone, and cable T.V., not satellite). Although it does not solve Newark’s financial situation, revenues generated by the utility tax will allow the City to maintain and restore important services and programs they were forced to eliminate or reduce during the past few years due to budget constraints.

Measure U is a local revenue which means funds will be spent locally in Newark and that the State cannot touch it to balance its budget. Measure U includes annual independent audits and reports to the community, and sunsets in five (5) years. Measure U also contains exemptions for senior citizens and low income residents.

Full text of Utility Users Tax Measure/Ordinance

Utility Service Provider UUT Remittance Information

Exemption Information for Senior Citizens and Low Income Residents