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The City of Newark (“City”) is seeking proposals from vendors interested in providing Law Enforcement canine training to the Newark Police Department.

The Newark Police Department has two positions dedicated to the Canine Program. The police canines are a tremendous asset to the department and community and are often referred to as a resource multiplier. The canines utilize their essential abilities of smell, sight, speed, and agility in the performance of their duties. They can do the work of a team of officers in half the time. Their presence alone on a violent crime call, a felony vehicle stop, or when contacting a group of gang members can gain the compliance of multiple suspects or convince the smarter suspects who are hiding or fleeing to surrender. The use of canines is imperative in deterring crime and provides protection for officers and the community. When K9 officers are not responding to calls, they are directed to patrol the businesses, residential areas, and parks of the city to deter and detect crime.

The request for proposals (RFP) describes the background, scope of services and content of the proposal, selection criteria, proposal submission instructions, and schedule.

Proposals are due by August 30, 2018.