Susie Woodstock




Susie Woodstock Administrative Services Director


The Administrative Services Director oversees the Administrative Services Department which is made up of four divisions:  

Finance Division
The Finance Services Division provides accounting, financial reporting and budget related services.  It assists City departments in developing and submitting a budget to City Council.  Financial Services includes administration of the City payroll, overseeing purchasing, cash management, invoicing/bill collecting and audits to ensure prudent management of City funds.

Information System Division
The Information System Division administers all of the City’s computer and telecommunications technologies. 

Waste and Recycling Management
The Administrative Services Department oversees two franchise contracts for the purpose of hauling and processing and/or disposing of municipal waste.  These contracts provide garbage, recycling and composting services to all residents and businesses in Newark.

Management Administrative Services
Management Administrative Services includes the City Clerk and administrative staff that support the City Manager’s Office.  More information about these services can be found on the City Manager’s page.

Susie Woodstock has served as the Administrative Services Director since January 2011.  She has been with the City of Newark since 2005 and previously served as Maintenance Superintendent.  Susie is a licensed Civil Engineer and has degrees in Civil Engineering from CSU, Chico and Organizational Management from Whitworth University.